The Road to the party

We started this journey to be able to provide a state of the art and quality environment where the community could gather to celebrate, mingle and have a great time out. It’s had it’s ups and downs, twists and turns and moments of joy and tears. In short it’s not been smooth sailing. Dealing with a town who’s zoning is as old as probably the town itself. We have seen other businesses been pushed out with no mention of relocation or even options existing where they could relocate. In this journey we have dealt with our fair share of commercial realtors who believe they are the cat’s ass so to speak and just two (in this vast ocean of realtors) that actually cared to help. We reached a point where we actually questioned ourselves if it was even worth continuing the fight or should we just move to a city that was more open to what we had to offer.

Was living in Milton the best choice anymore? If we had to start our new venture somewhere else that was more welcoming and accomadating is it worth living in this “TOWN” anymore?

We decided to persevere “give it a few weeks more” “Give it a month” “things will work out” were some of the ongoing words of encouragement I heard every time I was ready to give up.

We have travelled this road before, we are on it again….it’s not where but when will the party begin!